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Review: Joel Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Joel Gott 815 Cab Sauv 2013

“I’ve read a lot of reviews for this wine, so I gave it a try. A solid California Cabernet, for less than $15! Purple-Ruby color, aromas of blackberry and black currant. On the palate, these flavors are present and joined with black pepper and spice, with some cedar notes, and a fruit-driven sweetness. The finish is spicy with a bit of earthiness. This is a medium bodied wine, with moderate tannins. I found the acidity a bit high, but with bottle aging this may soften. All in all, a nice Cab at a good price.”

This is how I described the Joel Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 on Vivino. As I mentioned, I’ve seen a lot of reviews on this wine recently, ranging from other Vivino users, to friends and fellow wine aficionados, to The Reverse Wine Snob (2010 vintage). If there’s an app that tracks trending wines, I have no doubt this one would be high on the list. There is good reason for this. As a “California” Cabernet, as opposed to being AVA-specific, Joel Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon is made from grapes all over the state. This allows the winemakers to blend and achieve the exact result they want; one that is smooth and easy-drinking, and will appeal to the masses. The more demanding connoisseur, who prefers only single-vineyard or AVA-specific wines, may not favor this as much, but the average consumer will enjoy it. At around $15, it is a good everyday Cabernet, and would be an excellent choice for newbies who want to try a Cabernet for the first time.

The Joel Gott website describes the wine this way:

 “The 2013 Joel Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon has aromatics of mocha, roasted blue fruits, plums, and cherry spice. The wine enters sweet on the palate, well-structured and with firm tannins mid-palate, followed by a long, balanced finish.”

Joel Gott himself narrates a short video describing the wine, and the processes that went into making it. He even includes some food pairing suggestions.

If you are looking for an affordable California Cabernet Sauvignon, that is approachable and easy-drinking, give Joel Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 a try.

I found it at Total Wine & More for $14.99.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.