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Happy 2017!

I often marvel at aspects of the human experience. At this time of year, we mark the passing of one year and the dawn of another. It’s really just another day in an expansive chain, yet it marks another full rotation around the sun, and in human tradition, the transition from past to future, and all the hopes and dreams associated with new.


2016 was, arguably, a very difficult year for many. We lost a number of celebrities, as well as some of our civility, kindness, and spirit. Many suffered personal hardships and tragedies; myself included. However, as humans, we persevere, determined to become stronger and better with the emergence of a new day; a new year.

As we stand at verge of 2017, I would like encourage you to join me in taking a moment to reflect on the good and positive things you enjoyed during 2016. I end the year much as I began it: healthy, of sound mind (though that’s debatable), gainfully employed, and with loving family members. Of course, since this is a wine blog, many of my thoughts are about wine. I tasted a lot of wine in 2016; more than 200 if my records are correct. I will not attempt to identify a “best of” list, though perhaps in future years I will do.

Without doubt, the highlight of 2016 was the five weeks I spent in Québec City, Canada. (If you’d like to read about it, you can find all five posts in the Destinations tab on the menu bar above.) The beauty and history there is spectacular. And the food! Poutine anyone? And there’s wine! Québécois wine, French wine, and many other selections. During the trip, I was able to taste and enjoy many wines that are simply unavailable here in Northern California. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend a visit.

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Regardless of what kind of 2016 you had, I hope your 2017 will bring you exceeding happiness and peace. Tomorrow night, as we escort 2016 to the door and usher in 2017, I’ll be joining a group of new Meetup friends for a Rockin’ Blues party featuring live blues bands and dancing. I don’t know what I’ll be drinking at the event, or for the midnight toast, but whatever it is; I know it will taste like HOPE.


Happy New Year to all! May you have a prosperous and joyful 2017.



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