We made 3 promises to our customers

How many companies do you know that ask for customer input, then actually use the results to improve the business? I know of one: Naked Wines. Read about it here.

The Truth About Wine

Last July, we asked our Angel customers what they wanted us to focus on this year. And then we promised to do those things.

The three winners were:

  • More killer wines under $10 Angel price
  • More hidden gems that you wouldn’t discover without our help
  • Updates when your favorite wines are back in stock, running out or being funded again.

Why did we ask our customers how to run our business?

Our Angels aren’t just wine shoppers – they are the lifeblood of our company. Without their support, our winemakers wouldn’t be able to make their wines and we wouldn’t be able to run this company. So Angels should feel like they’re really involved in everything. Even business decisions!

So rather than sit around in a board room trying to figure out what we can do to make customers happy (that’s not the naked way to do things), we just asked our…

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