Rioja: Grape, Brand or Region?

Here’s a great post by Ian Abrahams, from the Bristol Wine Blog. As I described some time ago in my post, “Bordeaux, It’s Not a Grape“, Ian highlights one of the major differences between Old World and New World wines; that Old World wines generally carry the name of their region of origin, rather than the grape varietals used. In his post, Ian discusses the Spanish wine, Rioja. I hope you enjoy Ian’s post as much as I did.


8 thoughts on “Rioja: Grape, Brand or Region?”

    1. Thank you so much! I do my best, so it is nice to know my efforts are noted and appreciated! Thanks for the follow, too. I’m now following you, and in reading a few of your posts, we seem to have a similar style and passion. Keep up the great work!


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